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ASA International – A Commitment for Social Transformation
A large number of low income people still cannot avail of financial services from mainstream banks or financial institutions. The mission of ASA International is to provide financial services, including credit, savings and insurance to low income micro-entrepreneurs enabling them with a means to escape poverty. ASA International is a holding company that holds, finances, and invests, directly and indirectly, in MFIs providing affordable financial services to such low income individuals. ASA International is the first truly international microfinance holding company.

ASA International was incorporated on 6 April2007 in view of establishing greenfield microfinance institutions (“MFIs”) in several underserved markets in Asia and Africa. ASA International’s local operational companies are set to become important MFIs in each of the target markets in Asia and Africa if they succeed in successfully replicating the ASA model as developed by ASA of Bangladesh. ASA International strongly believes that sustainable and profitable business models can be created when focusing on the very poor and can be located in challenging operating environments.In doing so, ASA International will contribute to the spread of a highly efficient and scalable model of microfinance. Ultimately, the growth of these MFIs will generate better access to microfinance by low income customers and greater efficiency and competition in the sector, which should reduce the costs of financial services to low-income people.

ASA International currently has established microfinance operations in a number of the largest microfinance markets in Asia and Africa including The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

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